Reliable Communication Performance for Energy ... - IEEE Xplore

TNU - University of Information and Communication Technology, Vietnam. Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],. {tran.hung ...

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Reliable Communication Performance for Energy ... - IEEE Xplore

TNU - University of Information and Communication Technology, Vietnam. Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],. {tran.hung ...

Reliable building energy performance characterisation ... - IEA-EBC

So the wall total thickness is 15cm made of 2cm mortar, 11.5 brick and 1.5cm ... Sky is usually very clear. Testing is done under outdoor weather conditions. ... -??A910 @[email protected] 1-/4 2-G-01 18191:@ /;:[email protected]? ;2 ;:1 ?5:381 [email protected]>5-8 8-E1> ;2.

Multimedia communication systems - IEEE Xplore

K.R. Rao, Z.S. Bojkovic, and D.A.. Milovanovic, Multimedia Communication. Systems: Techniques, Standards, and Networks,. Prentice Hall, 2002 ...

Encoded Communication Based on Sonar and ... - IEEE Xplore

Duy T. Bui. Pham Van Dong University. Quang Ngai, Vietnam. Email: [email protected] Van Huy Pham. Ton Duc Thang University. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Slotted ALOHA for Wireless Powered Communication ... - IEEE Xplore

17 Oct 2018 ... To tackle this problem, we apply slotted ALOHA protocol to WPCNs and design a ... 351–356. [18] O. Briante, A. M. Mandalari, A. Molinaro, G. Ruggeri, ... put maximization for underlay multi-hop cognitive radio networks with.

On the Performance of Regenerative Relaying for ... - IEEE Xplore

1Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Vietnam. Email: [email protected]/[email protected]; [email protected] 2Industrial ...

On the Performance of NOMA in SWIPT Systems with ... - IEEE Xplore

1HCMC University of Technology and Education. Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam [email protected] 4th Quoc-Tuan Vien3.

The performance of caching strategies in content ... - IEEE Xplore

Vietnam [email protected] Nguyen Duc Thai. Ho Chi Minh City University of. Technology. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam [email protected] Phuong Luu ...

Performance Analysis of Google Colaboratory as a ... - IEEE Xplore

9 Nov 2018 ... Deep learning, Colab, convolutional neural networks, Google colaboratory,. GPU computing. I. INTRODUCTION. Deep learning applications are ...

IORE: A Flexible and Distributed I/O Performance ... - IEEE Xplore

IORE: A Flexible and Distributed I/O Performance. Evaluation Tool for Hyperscale Storage Systems. Eduardo C. Inacio and Mario A. R. Dantas. Federal ...

Understanding performance bottlenecks of a multi ... - IEEE Xplore

e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Abstract—WiFi networks have becoming popular in the past decade to provide network ...

Device and Circuit Performance Estimation of ... - IEEE Xplore

Device and Circuit Performance Estimation of. Junctionless Bulk FinFETs. Ming-Hung Han, Chun-Yen Chang, Life Fellow, IEEE, Hung-Bin Chen, Ya-Chi Cheng,.

Secrecy outage analysis of energy harvesting two-way ... - IEEE Xplore

31 Oct 2018 ... Accepted on 25th April 2019. E-First on 5th June 2019 doi: 10.1049/iet-com.2018.6087 Phong Nguyen-Huu1, Khuong Ho-Van1.

Self-energy device for HVDC breakers and its control ... - IEEE Xplore

28 Aug 2018 ... If Ucmax is close to Ucmin, then the fluctuation of the capacitor voltage is small, corresponding to the first charging scheme in Section 4.2. If the ...

Design of High-Performance Stand-Alone and Grid ... - IEEE Xplore

Index Terms—Adaptive control, distributed generation (DG), grid connection, inverter, stand-alone power supply, total sliding– mode control (TSMC). I.

Energy aware event driven routing protocol and ... - IEEE Xplore

Ha Noi, Vietnam [email protected] Abstract—Multievent wireless sensor networks (WSN) require different levels of reliability and latency based on event types.

An Energy Optimization-Based Fast Rerouting Method ... - IEEE Xplore

e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Abstract—With the increasing application of micro-nano satellite networks, it ...

Optimal Sizing of Energy Storage Devices in Isolated ... - IEEE Xplore

Nhung Nguyen-Hong. Graduate School of Environment and. Energy Engineering. Waseda University. Tokyo, Japan [email protected]

Energy aware optimization of mobile metro-core ... - IEEE Xplore

Email: {rodolfoenrique.alvizu, guido.maier, achille.pattavina}, [email protected] †. School of Telecommunication Engineering, Beijing ...

Optimal sizing of energy storage devices in wind ... - IEEE Xplore

Hanoi, Vietnam [email protected] Huy Nguyen-Duc. Department of Electric Power Systems. Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

DASD trends: cost, performance, and form factor - IEEE Xplore

370 BMX Channel, SCSI Bus for example) or as a part of a subsystem. Throughout this paper, we will use DASD, unqualified, to refer to magnetic disk storage.

Performance of RSCP-triggered and Ec/No-triggered ... - IEEE Xplore

hexagonal macro and the Manhattan-like micro layer use different frequencies. Two possible handover triggering schemes Le. CPICH RSCP and CPICH EcINo, ...

IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans - IEEE Xplore

22 Dec 1998 ... In these cases, the SPMP may be a separate component of a larger plan or it may be merged into a system-level or business-level project ...

Origins of the IEEE Edison Medal [Scanning our Past] - IEEE Xplore

11 Feb 2018 ... CENTURY. By the end of the 19th century, Thomas Alva Edison had ... Technology History Wiki website,.

W-Band SPST Transistor Switches - IEEE Microwave ... - IEEE Xplore

Hideki Takasu, Member, IEEE, Fumio Sasaki, Hisao Kawasaki,. Hirokuni Tokuda, and Susumu Kamihashi. Abstract-A single-pole, single-throw (SPST) transistor ...

Power of symbols: IEEE trademarks and service marks - IEEE Xplore

remembered emblems or logos are widely used by ... display the IEEE logo so that they can be easily ... J.D. Ryder and D.G. Fink, Engineers &. Electrons: A ...

2019 Index IEEE Transactions on Vehicular ... - IEEE Xplore

Radio Resources in Vehicular Communications: An Oblivious Game-Theo- ... Choi, I., and Lee, C., A Codeword Search Scheme for Massive MIMO Systems;. TVT July ... ElHalawany, B.M., Ruby, R., and Wu, K., D2D Communication for Enabling ... Pokémon: Virtual Reward Optimization With Tensor Voting Based Trajec-.

Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication Principles ... - IEEE Xplore

Protocols on Blockchain. Nutthakorn Chalaemwongwan. Information Science and Technology. Mahanakorn University of Technology. Bangkok, Thailand.

IEEE INFOCOM 2018 workshops - IEEE Xplore

IEEE INFOCOM 2018 Workshops: IEEE INFOCOM 2018 - IEEE Conference on Computer ... S. Guo, Qi Zhong, Liang Kou, Wenshan Wang, Qingan Da and Yun Lin ... USA); Bong Jun Ko (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA); Kin K. Leung ...

IEEE Region 8 in a Persian Market - IEEE Xplore

5 Jun 2013 ... Persian Market. U.S. CIA/ISTOCK ... Officers find Iranian engineering students ready for 21st ... for Iranian students to enjoy the benefits of IEEE” ...

An Energy-Efficient and Reliable Data Transmission Scheme in ...

WooYeob Lee, MoonWon Choi, Inwhee Joe, Yeonyi Choi. Research Notes in ... structure of machines. Fig.3 shows an assistant game developed to support educational ... subways, buses, airports and terminals, schools, classrooms, shops and shopping ... embedded products will surf to internet in year 2015. Once those.

Reliable Prediction of Channel Assignment Performance in ... - raiith

14 Aug 2015 ... SXLS serves as a sample space of fundamental blocks i.e., XLS, and the final step entails processing them to generate an interference estimation ...

HERMES Highly Efficient and Reliable Modular Battery Energy ...

4.8 Topologies for battery storage systems . ... specific emissions of both batteries increase by 20.9 % (Li Ion, full-range) and 33.5 % (NiMH, full-range) ... the serial connected outer and inner switches [39]. ... fplus (t) = cplus · (1 − SOCmin|t t0. ) ... //

I-WAP - IEEE Xplore

becomes so imperative since it is difficult for WAP users to read most contents designed for PC users via their mobile phone screens. However, for those sites ...

IMC - IEEE Xplore

Characterization of Intermetallic Compound (IMC) growth in Cu wire ball bonding on Al pad metallization. SeokHo Na, TaeKyeong Hwang, JungSoo Park, ...

PIAS - IEEE Xplore

PIAS: Practical Information-Agnostic Flow. Scheduling for Commodity Data Centers. Wei Bai, Li Chen, Kai Chen, Dongsu Han, Chen Tian, and Hao Wang.