An efficient example-based method for CT image ... - IEEE Xplore

‡University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam [email protected], [email protected], ...

An efficient example-based method for CT image ... - IEEE Xplore - Tài liệu liên quan

An efficient example-based method for CT image ... - IEEE Xplore

‡University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam [email protected], [email protected], ...

An efficient camera-based surveillance for fall ... - IEEE Xplore

1School of Electronics and Telecommunications, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, ... Keywords— fall detection; camera-based; aspect ratio; fall.

An Efficient Android Malware Detection System Based ... - IEEE Xplore

7 Jun 2019 ... to unzip and decompile Android APK files to get smali code. 2) API CALLS ABSTRACTION. After getting the smali code of APK, we extract all ...

Efficient Maximum-Likelihood Based Clock and Phase ... - IEEE Xplore

Antonio A. D'Amico. Abstract—In this paper we propose an algorithm for ... E-mail:[email protected] excess bandwidths can be obtained, in principle, ...

Efficient Model Based Halftoning Using Direct Binary ... - IEEE Xplore

Efficient Model Based Halftoning Using Direct Binary Search*. David J. Lieberman and Jan P. Allebach. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Lightweight Method for Host based Anomaly Detection ... - IEEE Xplore

Email: [email protected] Ruoya Chen. Xi'an Jiaotong University. Xi'an, 710049, China. Email: [email protected] Lei Wang and Chao He.

An Energy Optimization-Based Fast Rerouting Method ... - IEEE Xplore

e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Abstract—With the increasing application of micro-nano satellite networks, it ...

An Efficient Implementation of the ITU-R Channel ... - IEEE Xplore

level simulation (SLS) with the ITU-R channel model is often used ... to the D2D channel and the Doppler response-based fast fading ... hn1,n2 (t) · δ(τ − τn1,n2 ),.

An Efficient Spreading Strategy Considering ... - IEEE Xplore

2 Aug 2019 ... the Informed state, and the Spreading state (UIS model). Var- ... by p >= TIT of p) ... According to the characteristics of our proposed UIS model,.

Numerical Study of an Efficient Broadband ... - IEEE Xplore

Tran Sy Tuan1,2 and Nguyen Thi Quynh Hoa. 1 ... [5] N. T. Q. Hoa, P. H. Lam, P. D. Tung, T. S. Tuan, and H. Nguyen, “Numerical study of a wide-angle and ...

An Efficient Four-State Zero Common-Mode Voltage ... - IEEE Xplore

Tam-Khanh Tu Nguyen and Nho-Van Nguyen, Member, IEEE. Abstract—In this ... sented in [6]–[8], whereas PWMs with complete CMV elimina- tion can be ...

An efficient real-time human posture tracking ... - IEEE Xplore

An Efficient Real-Time Human Posture Tracking. Algorithm Using Low-Cost Inertial and Magnetic Sensors. Anthony Gallagher. Yoky Matsuoka. Wei-Tech Ang.

Advertisement Image Classification Using ... - IEEE Xplore

[email protected] 3Department of ... Therefore, we will apply CNN for online advertisement ... advertisements display clearly in their online environments in.

A reversible data hiding scheme for image ... - IEEE Xplore

Technology,. Tra Vinh University,. Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam [email protected] Yanjun Liu*. Department of Information. Engineering and Computer Science,.

Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification using ... - IEEE Xplore

HCMUTE. HCM City, VietNam [email protected] Abstract—The breast cancer histology image classification task is to classify images into four categories of ...

Holonic-C2 Organization Structure Generation Method ... - IEEE Xplore

5 Sep 2019 ... ability that the recruited bee, Vnb, is selected can be calculated as shown ... [4] M. L. Georgiy, N. L. Yuri, J. Luo, R. P. Krishna, and L. K. David,.

A Multi-Objective Video Crowdsourcing Method in ... - IEEE Xplore

27 Sep 2019 ... The HD and Ultra HD (UHD) videos, which have been inevitable ... [26] N. Uchihara and H. Kasai, ''Fast stream joiner for next-generation inter-.

Generalized Tensor FDTD Method for Sloped ... - IEEE Xplore

Email: [email protected], [email protected] Abstract—A tensor finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for sloped interfaces is ...

A Hybrid Feature Selection Method for Vietnamese ... - IEEE Xplore

Long An University of Economics and Industry. Long An province, Vietnam. E-mail: [email protected] Vu Thanh Nguyen. University of Information ...

Method for Automatic E-Comic Scene Frame ... - IEEE Xplore

Method for Automatic E-Comic Scene Frame Extraction for Reading Comic on. Mobile Devices. Kohei Arai, Tolle Herman. Saga University. Abstract. A method ...

A Group-Ordered Fast Iterative Method for Eikonal ... - IEEE Xplore

18 Jan 2017 ... algorithm that extends Jeong et al.'s FIM (Fast Iterative Method, [1]), originally developed for the GPU, for multi-core shared memory systems.

Single-chip CMOS image sensor for mobile applications - IEEE Xplore

Kwangho Yoon, Chanki Kim, Bumha Lee, and Doyoung Lee. Abstract—A single-chip image sensor for mobile applications is realized in a standard 0.35- m ...

Overhearing-Based Co-Operation for Two-Cell ... - IEEE Xplore

Chunguo Li, Jue Wang, Member, IEEE, Fu-Chun Zheng, John M. Cioffi, Fellow, IEEE, and Luxi Yang. Abstract—In this paper, a new transmission protocol is.

An enhancement to cumulant-based probabilistic ... - IEEE Xplore

Department of Electrical Engineering. Danang University of Science and. Technology. Danang, Vietnam. Duong V. Ngo, Ky V. Huynh. The University of Danang.

An Experimental-Based Analysis of Inter-BAN Co ... - IEEE Xplore

Index Terms—κ-μ fading, body area networks (BANs), co-channel ... 3(c). In this example usage scenario, a node placed on the front-central-chest (Node 1) of ...

ATP-Based Automated Fault Simulation - IEEE Xplore

concludes some useful rules and develops a software package to automate the ATP-based EMT simulation. Index Terms—Alternative Transient Program (ATP), ...

Accelerating Anomaly-Based IDS Using Neural ... - IEEE Xplore

[email protected] Tran Ngoc Thinh1. 1 Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, VNUHCM, VN.

Encoded Communication Based on Sonar and ... - IEEE Xplore

Duy T. Bui. Pham Van Dong University. Quang Ngai, Vietnam. Email: [email protected] Van Huy Pham. Ton Duc Thang University. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

16-QAM Transmitter and Receiver Design Based on ... - IEEE Xplore

[email protected] Nguyen Anh Duc. Electronics&Telecommunication Faculty. Hanoi University of Technology. Hanoi, Vietnam [email protected]

Flexible Network-Based Intrusion Detection and ... - IEEE Xplore

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Email: [email protected] Abstract—Software-defined networking (SDN) has recently generated considerable interest among ...

Relative Radiometric Correction of Imagery Based on ... - IEEE Xplore

Histogram equalization was employed in side-slither calibration data by Philippe KUBIK. But, there was a disadvantage in the method. The model used in the ...

Online Learning-Based Downlink Transmission ... - IEEE Xplore

9 Apr 2019 ... unit area of the spectrum, the ultra-dense network (UDN) has received ... exponentially owing to the increasing number of elements listed in the ...

The DOMJudge Based Online Judge System with ... - IEEE Xplore

Keywords— Online judge systems, DOMjudge, plagiarism detection, k-Grams, Hashing, Suffix Array. I. INTRODUCTION. Information technology and digital ...

Distance-based cooperative relative localization for ... - IEEE Xplore

Thien-Minh Nguyen, Zhirong Qiu, Thien Hoang Nguyen, Muqing Cao, and Lihua Xie, Fellow, IEEE. Abstract—In multi-robot systems, the capability of each robot.

Translator of Specific Movie Subtitles Based on EC ... - IEEE Xplore

Abstract—With rapid development of computer network, the real time translator for movie subtitles is as well as great challenge to translators. Under such ...