The Effect of Using Translation on Learning ... - Semantic Scholar Weschler, R. (1997). Uses of L1 in the English classroom: Introducing the functional- translation method. Internet TESL Journal,. November, 1997.

The Effect of Using Translation on Learning ... - Semantic Scholar - Tài liệu liên quan

The Effect of Using Translation on Learning ... - Semantic Scholar Weschler, R. (1997). Uses of L1 in the English classroom: Introducing the functional- translation method. Internet TESL Journal,. November, 1997.

Machine Translation and Translation Memory ... - Semantic Scholar

Translators' professional and educational backgrounds . ... way Britain was using their pioneering Colossus computer to crack the military codes made ... known examples of TM systems are SDL Trados Studio by SDL plc, Wordfast Pro by Wordfast ... In this last form of assistance, a full-sentence translation produced by MT.

translation methods used in three chapters of - Semantic Scholar

The translation methods used by the translator in translating the three chapters of “Tanjung Mas Sebagai Central Point Port” handbook are: word for word ...

Using Machine Translation to Convert Between ... - Semantic Scholar

All rights reserved. Figure 1: Left: A sample screenshot from the Guitar Hero II ... as the probability of transitions between chords, the prob- ability that a note will ...

a translation analysis of colloquial expressions ... - Semantic Scholar

Translation Analysis of Colloquial Expressions in the Children's Storybook entitled The Secret Life of Ms Wiz by Terence Blacker is originally made by the.

Chinese Film Subtitle Translation: A systematic ... - Semantic Scholar

Chinese Subtitles of English-Language Feature Films in Taiwan: A Systematic Investigation of ... Studies in China (Translator's. Association of China, n.d.).

Momentum Effect: Evidence from the ... - Semantic Scholar

1 Dec 2013 ... 12 According to the trading fee tables of some big securities companies such as HSC, SSI, VCBS, ACBS as in October 2012. The lowest trading ...

Does the Endowment Effect Prevail When ... - Semantic Scholar

PayPal, you earnings will be sent to your Hmamail account. Lottery. In this study you can receive [Endowment Condition: trade] a real lottery ticket in a market.

The effect of sampling frequency and front-end ... - Semantic Scholar

8 Dec 2016 ... ... Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Viet Nam ... end was used to collect live GPS L1 C/A signal data from an active roof ...

The Effect of Surgeon-Scrub Nurse ... - Semantic Scholar

Conclusion: The more surgeons and scrub nurses collaborate, the less time a surgery will take. Including surgeon-scrub nurse pairs in the predictive model, the ...

Antihypertensive Effect of Brucea javanica (L ... - Semantic Scholar

Ethnopharmacologically, the fruit of Brucea javanica (L.) Merr. is acknowledged in the Indonesian community to lower blood pressure. This study assessed the ...

Effect of Reinforcement on Stability of Slopes ... - Semantic Scholar

GEOSLOPE is one them, developed by. GEO‐SLOPE International, Canada, based on limit equilibrium principles which also incorporates a finite element ...

The Unequal Burden of War: The Effect of Armed ... - Semantic Scholar

Hence, armed conflict tends to decrease the gap between female and male life expectancy. For civil wars, we also find that ethnic wars and wars in. "failed" states ...

Effect of fluoroalkyl substituents on the reactions ... - Semantic Scholar

The surface energies of the FPTS- and FOTS-derived film decreased as the ... on FPTS-derived self-assembled films after their immersion in 0.1 N (a) HNO3 and ...

The protective effect of kefir as a probiotic on ... - Semantic Scholar

Biological study was administered on forty two male rats which allotted into 6 groups involved negative control group (7 rats) , normal group consumed kefir milk ...

Effect of A Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet on ... - Semantic Scholar

21 Sep 2018 ... Regarding VLCK diets, there is still some distrust in their usage, despite the solid scientific evidence that supports the use of this kind of diet as a ...

The Inhibition Effect of Heterocyclic Compounds ... - Semantic Scholar

3-yl)-(4-methoxy-phenyl)-methyl]-urea (HPU2) at different concentrations,. Potentiodynamic and electrochemical impedance measurements showed that.

effect of papain and bromelin on muscle and ... - Semantic Scholar

Abstract. The effects of papain and bromelin on muscles and collagen proteins in beef meat were evaluated by injecting brine supplied with enzymes in different ...

development of aisas model to see the effect of ... - Semantic Scholar

1 Mar 2019 ... Aisas Model To See The Effect Of Tourism Destination In Social Media. Jurnal Aplikasi. Manajemen, Volume 17, Number 1, Pages 133–143.


dwq/chemicals/terbuthylazine.pdf (12. 5. 2014). 153. Byrnes C. Evaluation of the active ter- buthylazine in the product Swim-Care® T swim- ming pool algaecide.

Effect of Rowatinex on Calculus Clearance After ... - Semantic Scholar

Introduction:Our aim was to evaluate the effect of Rowatinex, an essential oil preparation of terpenic type, on kidney calculi clearance after extracorporeal.

The Effect of IELTS Listening Strategy Use on ... - Semantic Scholar

As per the procedure, after tackling their pre-listening performance and pre-anxiety score, one group was treated with IELTS-Listening related strategies and the.

Effect of final drying condition on qualities of ... - Semantic Scholar

Photoshop CS5 Portable, random 5 points for 1 piece of white pulp. Color values were expressed as: L* = (whiteness/darkness) a* = (red/green).

Effect of administering a multi species probiotic ... - Semantic Scholar

30 Jun 2015 ... (LacClean Gold-S®) is more effective than a placebo for the improvement of symptoms in IBS patients.(8) However, that study had several ...

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo's effect on national ... - Semantic Scholar

of Cristiano Ronaldo on tourism in continental Portugal and on the Island of ... Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional football ... Mayo, E.J., & Jarvis, L.P. (1981).

The effect of computer game-induced arousal ... - Semantic Scholar

the second score directly after playing the game (SAM 2). ... three key components mentioned by Choi (2004): the goal of Mario Kart is to drive as fast as ...

Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Morpho ... - Semantic Scholar

10 Nov 2017 ... percentage of seed germination was recorded in GA3 20 ppm (98.51%). Due to spraying of growth regulators there was increase of plant ...

Effect of aging on fatigue characteristics of elbow ... - Semantic Scholar

relaxation time (TrHRT)] and single pulses [twitch peak torque (TwPT), twitch time to peak torque (TPT), twitch half relaxation time (HRT)] of stimulation for the BB ...

Effect of Phyllanthus amarus Schum. & Thonn ... - Semantic Scholar

not been evaluated. In this study, we determined the protective effect of luk-tai-bai hot ... The whole plant, collected in Hat-Yai, Songkla, Thailand, was identified by ... Values were expressed as mean±S.E.M. The biochemical parameters were ... Moreover, luk-tai-bai extract did not induce paracetamol sulfation or glucuronide.

Learning OpenCV 3 - Semantic Scholar

9 Dec 2016 ... C computer vision tools contained in the OpenCV 3.x library. Thus, it should be helpful to ... m0.push_back( m1 );. Extend an m × n by k rows ...

A Game-Learning Machine - Semantic Scholar

To all those who have played me in a friendly game of chess. Especially ... Mathematical analysis by both Dana Nau 36, 37] and Don Beal 10] indicate that the ...

Effects of Dramatization on Learning of the ... - Semantic Scholar

Dramatization as a teaching strategy has been used globally to practice and strengthen the role of the English. Language as an international language. Therefore, ...

A Comparison of Vocabulary Learning ... - Semantic Scholar

Index Terms—vocabulary learning strategies, flashcard strategy, sentence writing method, vocabulary ... Some researchers demonstrate that working with flash cards helps learners in acquiring ... (2009). ''Do Glenn Doman Flash Cards Work?''

Heuristic Evaluation of E-Learning - Semantic Scholar

As Knowledge Management applications, E-learning platforms have been used in many organizations. ... EKE, .93 for T, .96 for ISB, .96 for SE and .88 for SG.

Implementing E-learning in Vietnamese ... - Semantic Scholar

Available: chet%E2%80%9D-cua-de-an-112---Ky-I-%E2%80%9CNem-tien-qua-cua-.

Learning English Through Self-study by New ... - Semantic Scholar

production of the English Self-Learning Packages (ESLPs) for New Ar ... confidence in oral communication or learning English via listening to cassette tapes.