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to aspects of Chinese textual transmission favoring change, with spe- ... A, in [Ch'ung-k'an Sung-pen] Shih-san-ching chu-shufu chiao-k'an-chi 1tq? t? ... linear annotations, add 2 more chih a day; for recollation (tsai-chiao NR, i.e. proofing) add ...

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Book Culture and Textual Transmission in Sung China - jstor

to aspects of Chinese textual transmission favoring change, with spe- ... A, in [Ch'ung-k'an Sung-pen] Shih-san-ching chu-shufu chiao-k'an-chi 1tq? t? ... linear annotations, add 2 more chih a day; for recollation (tsai-chiao NR, i.e. proofing) add ...

Two Textual Problems in Euripides' Antiope, Fr. 188 - jstor

a7TayECvE q-a 7o77S apylas, 3 / 'AcLPrT-E. o d 7. rto v vo pa K Co lUX vvs, ... Zethus] E 7rrEv -rc At lov, on TroAXlwov 8S ... evv-raO',vat be read, it is explicit.

Textual Collaboration and Spiritual Partnership in Sixteenth ... - jstor

potra` co [. . .] che non sia un giorno dato fine a le tante mie tribulationi, et se mirando ne la sua infinita bonta`, sento questa speranza che non mi puo` [. . .].

Textual Materiality in Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End - jstor

in the UCSD library—but also when the cosplay is only watched, as is the case ... companion game Riven, Web sites populated by devotees of the games, ...

China, Vietnam, and the South China Sea An Analysis of the - jstor

the SCS. In approximately two and a half decades, Vietnam and China were at ... nationalists in Vietnam were quick to express their disapproval and a.

Globalized Fandom: the Ou Mei Tong Ren Culture in China

5 Dec 2018 ... third section, I will be looking at the development of Chinese fandom culture, and ... their terms in EXO, but also the South Korean fandom pattern. ... It is doubtful that the case of “timber wolf with wings” is a mere singularity.

“Rotten Culture”: from Japan to China MASTER OF ARTS

and chose to study the interaction and symbiosis between Chinese online fan ... The first image is a re-created scene by using photoshop, and the second ... Huang Shao Tian, 叶修 and 黄少天) in 16, Ye&Lan (Ye Xiu and Lan He, 叶修 and.

The Rise of China's Hacking Culture: Defining Chinese Hackers

4 Jun 2016 ... hacking culture in China has grown and advanced in ways that are more dynamic ... considered to be under attack by patriotic Chinese people, sometimes it is ... the alias “Titan Rain” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Bell's Inequality, Information Transmission, and Prism Models - jstor

If one used this new one-bit strategy over a long series of runs the resulting correlation pattern would be like that depicted in Figure 4 except that the flat portion ...

"Miro gurge" (Par. XXX, 68): Virgilian Language and Textual ... - jstor

Paradiso xxx, 68, is a Virgilianism, it does so by circumscribing that expression within what would appear to be a broadly defined imitative impetus on Dante's ...

Introduction to Japanese Culture in the Book of Shokyuu De ...

Shokyuu De Yomeru Topikku 25 and Minna No Nihongo Shokyuu 1. Those books ... Dokkai text was found in practice section (mondai) starting from chapter 6 ...

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The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and ... The China Study is a 2005 book by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., and his son, Thomas M. ... "Summer Reading" (, Journal of ...

Book South China Sea R 54.indb - UN Environment Document ...

NPC. National Power Corporation. NIA. National Irrigation Administration. NWRC National ... such as the Giang/Huong, Tra Khuc and Cai-Luy. ... Dr. Vo Si Tuan.

Contemporary China: A Book List - Princeton University

Also consult for clicable URLs. ... George Hicks, Marlowe Hood, Hu Chun, Li Cheng, Connie So, Zheng Yongnian, and computer guru Cindy Parvesse. All ... Waller, Derek, Government and Politics of the PRC (if new ed) . ... China Under Deng, Facts on File, Ha-Yim Kwan, ed .

Class, Culture and Conflict in the Edwardian Book Inscription - ORCA

Chapter 3: Mass Culture, Reading and Writing in Edwardian Britain. ... [Accessed: 11 June 2018]. Eckerle, J. 2016.

Rhymes Sung by Japanese Children - jstor

Shichi-momme no Shichisuke-san,. Shichirin-ya no obasan, ... Sora ni kikoeru hototogisu. Dare ka aware to ... Aoi me o shita oningyo wa. Amerika umare, no ...

Hat a Dao, the Sung Poetry of North Vietnam - jstor

Much of the fine lyric poetry of Vietnam was written to be sung in the hat a dao style; these poems are already being studied in Vietnamese ... There is, for example, a mua bai bong flower ... were carried in paper lanterns on each shoulder. ... anh, chen toi, chen bac, 15 ... Hearing the cry of the moor-hen, she lies all night.

YI SANG COUNTS TO THIRTEEN by Sung Rno, Lee Breuer - jstor

for a Korean audience about the twentieth-century Korean poet Yi Sang. (born Kim Haegyeong ... Blue (played by Shin Dong Ryuk) sits alone in front of the screen, which shows an ... Hae Song's "Telephone Diary," sou graph. But for Blue and.

Performing Modernity in Korea: The Dance of Ch'oe Sŭng-hŭi - jstor

Korean dancer Ch'oe Sung-hui (1911-1969?) was born almost a year after. Korea became ... was becoming defined in dance in Japan, Korea, and elsewhere.

Greater China - jstor

Angeles Times described Greater China as a "superpower on a drawing board," the result of the economic integration and possible political reunification of ...

China's Mid-Autumn Day - jstor

China's Mid-Autumn Day is a traditional festival that falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. It finds its origins in the myth of ...

Homosexuality in China - jstor

Journal of Sex Research, 27, 2, 147-166. Tiefer, L. (1991). ... same-sex love in China, from the ancient Zhou dynasty until the ... book by a Hong Kong gay writer,.

The Myth of Adolescent Culture - jstor

childhood and adulthood. It is an age-grade period characterized by "storm and stress" and participation in a "youth culture," both of which arouse the serious ...

Japanese Visual Culture - jstor

rations in the World of Manga and Anime showcases fourteen essays by scholars ... exhibits "voyeuristic aspects and sexism" and "sums up significant events in ...

Vietnam: In China's Shadow - jstor

Chao T'o's independent kingdom of Nam-viet, this area was incor porated into China and a more rigid administration instituted with direct rule by Chinese ...

Organizational Corruption in China - jstor

Xiaobo Lu. Corruption by public officials has long been regarded as a cancer of ... even rules of the game: no officer was allowed to retain the money personally ... Xiaobo Lu. 42. Xinwen Bao, Feb. 1, 1990. 43. Neican Xuanbian, 44 (1990), 5-7.

Macau and Greater China - jstor

Macau (12 de Outubro 1991), p. A-6 who felt that these islands along with Wanzai should at the least be interlinked with Macau by bridges. According to Cheong ...

agora: the south china sea - jstor

The convention is available at 2 See id., Arts. 15, 74, 83. ... Chinese name for Paracel Islands. Hoang Sa Islands.

Tell Me Your Dreams: Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture in ... - jstor

604 TELL ME YOUR DREAMS psychoanalytic thought to the point that some lished personal contacts with Freud.7 In Braz who were influenced by Dadaism and ...

The English Department and the Ideal Culture - jstor

of students.) Which brings us to what, I take it, is the central thesis underlying the activity of most English departments.

L'image, entre l'idéologie et la culture - jstor

Initialement, selon Destutt de Tracy, l'ideologie designait ?une science ayant pour objet ... 250 Anthropologica XXXIV (1992) comme ?un systeme d'idees et de ...

An Example of Culture Contact without Conflict: Reindeer ... - jstor

610 AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST [N. s., 40, 1938 clearly rivals of the Tungus, blazing trails ever deeper in beginning to deplete the game. The Cossacks, like ...

The Lao Động Party, Culture and the Campaign against ... - jstor

Critics had already taken issue with Lê Đình Kỵ's book in , but during the anti-revisionist campaign, the criticism grew more severe: his book apparently ...

Bartók and Chinese Music Culture - jstor

great Chinese poet of two thousand years ago, as a parallel: ,,Long did I sigh and ... In reciting these lines I can't help recalling Bart6k's Third Piano. Concerto, in ...

Some Austronesian Maverick Protoforms with Culture ... - jstor

ver' and X(a)mas 'gold' with Funan overlordship in the third and fourth centuries A.D. ... languages sheds new light on some otherwise relatively well-known historio- graphic data. ... RtiTm, Bul, Swy basi, TtmBl bisi, Bac besi 'iron'. A possible ... PHm, Proto-Hmongic (= Proto-Miao); PHM, Proto-Hmong-Mien (= Proto-Miao-.

Is There a Modern Sexual Culture in the West; Or, Did ... - jstor

tions of the history of sex and gender and their relation to marriage and the family that ... the Long Eighteenth Century in England," Genders 6 (1989): 125-3Q.