students' perception on aegisub and divxland ... - Semantic Scholar

Insert the video with click on Video > open video > choose the video > click open. ... hardsub. (hard subtitle). Based on the features,. Aegisub was more effective.

students' perception on aegisub and divxland ... - Semantic Scholar - Tài liệu liên quan

students' perception on aegisub and divxland ... - Semantic Scholar

Insert the video with click on Video > open video > choose the video > click open. ... hardsub. (hard subtitle). Based on the features,. Aegisub was more effective.

Vietnamese Students' Perception of English ... - Semantic Scholar

23 Jan 2015 ... quality (ETQ) in the informal education sector in Vietnam from the ... News, 2012; Trung Dung, 2013; Tuoitre News, 2014; Viet. Toan, 2013).

Global Stakeholders' Perception of Key BIM ... - Semantic Scholar

Abstract: This study investigates the prioritization of key BIM Maturity (BIMM) indicators by ... Information Delivery Method (IDM) ... 5.94 (0.80, 12) 6.17 (0.99, 11).

Dialysis technicians' perception of certification - Semantic Scholar

For example, the Nephrology. Nursing Certification Commission. (NNCC) offers a certification examina- tion for hemodialysis (CCHT-A), and. BONENT offers one ...

Customer Perception Toward Thai Airways ... - Semantic Scholar

and Thai Airways International is a national airline that provides excellent service to ... According to the International Air Transport Association's analysis,.

Causes of students' stress, its effects on their ... - Semantic Scholar

This thesis examines the impact of stress on students' academic performance and stress management among students of Seinäjoki University of Applied ...

Difficulties Encountered by EFL Students in ... - Semantic Scholar

Students in Using English Phrasal Verbs at The type of research methodology ... advanced students often show a poor command of phrasal verbs and use.

Advantages of study abroad from the students ... - Semantic Scholar

countries as country of studies and the reasons for studying in a chosen country. In this part I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad ...

Korean University Students' Listening ... - Semantic Scholar

Korean university students' listening comprehension in. American and British Englishes. English Teaching, 64(1), 79-93. This study reports the findings of an ...

engineering students learning english at the ... - Semantic Scholar

44 items ... Mr David Hayes, for his recommendations to the School of Education to secure a place for me. Dr Krich ... teaching and learning of English for engineering students in Thailand. ... Howitt, Dennis., and Cramer, Duncan. (2000) An ...

the motivation of vietnamese university students ... - Semantic Scholar

30 Aug 2016 ... Part 2: Gender differences and similarities in studying English. ... Part of the policy initiative to grow the economy was to raise the English ... English test such as the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) or ... China dominated Vietnam for nearly a thousand year (P. L. Huong & Fry,. 2004a) ...

Noun Phrase Use of Chinese EFL Students ... - Semantic Scholar

(2013) also found that “noun phrase modification (by attributive adjectives ... “ ” indicates medium significance (95%), “ ”indicate strong significance (98%).

Effects of Mobile Technology on Students in the ... - Semantic Scholar

disadvantages and advantages of using mobile technology in the classroom. ... mobile phones, as learning tools have offered students the flexibility and ...

Determinants that impact first year male students ... - Semantic Scholar

10 Feb 2016 ... teachers do not reply online. In FG 6, both students felt that class ... Retrieved from: ...

A Study of Fostering Technical College Students ... - Semantic Scholar

Next, the researchers provided the subjects with a 60-hour TOEIC training ... of 100 questions each for listening comprehension and for reading comprehension.

Mind Maps Aid EFL Students' Vocabulary Building - Semantic Scholar

30 Jun 2019 ... Keywords: Mind Maps, vocabulary, EFL, learning, students. 1. Introduction and Background. Mind mapping is one of the top techniques to ...

Perception of Boredom: Students' Resistance to a Secondary ...

esting and meaningful, while mathematics and "an English class dis- cussing 'A Raising in the Sun"' (p. 498) were regarded as most boring. Larson and ...

The Perception of College Students about a Healthy Lifestyle and its ...

Health contributes to general well-being and overall lifestyle. This study examined the perception of college students from. Kuwait University about a healthy ...

Japanese ESL students' use and perception of English linking and ...

By introducing consonant sounds between two vowels (intrusion) or by pronouncing a consonant sound that is usually silent (linking), speakers of. English can ...

Students' Perception towards Lecture Capture based on the ... - CORE

The video capture environment has created an impression of intimacy among the students (Simpson, 2006). ... perceived ease of use to engage in PHIM.

Students' Academic Self-Perception - IZA Institute of Labor Economics

education attainment: lower social class, male and ethnic minority pupils. ... generation pupils, native pupils have lower levels of academic self-esteem, and a ...

Perception of Health Science students regarding active ... - ICEL 2017

Differences The Psychological Characteristics of Indonesian SEA Games Athletes in. Terms of ... Aviles, B. D., Russell-Chapin, L., & Rybak, C. J. (2015).

Students' Perception: Student Feedback Online (SuFO) in Higher ...

Items 1 - 30 ... content and infastructure in higher education in Malaysia. The objective of this study is to investigate the perception of students towards SuFO survey.

Grammatical and semantic features of some ... - Semantic Scholar

and idioms denoting happiness - the feeling of great pleasure. Nguyen Thi Van Lam*. Department of ... Thị Vân Lam. Khoa Ngoại ngữ, Trường Đại học Vinh, Nghệ An, Việt Nam ... Chúng tôi chỉ đề cập đến các từ vị này về các đặc điểm ngữ pháp - cú ... Qua đây chúng tôi đưa ra gợi ý trong việc dạy học và dịch thuật liên ...


de vídeos. Resumidamente ele pode ser utilizado para a equalização e ajuste de tempo das legendas, tradução, diagramação, efeito de "karaokê". Aegisub ...

con Aegisub y Subtitle Workshop - ddd-UAB

2 Jun 2015 ... la subtitulación (Subtitle Workshop y Aegisub) durante el ejercicio de la ... realizar subtítulos para karaoke, sino que tiene un programa ...

คู่มือการใช้โปรแกรม Aegisub และ AVI Recome

หลักสูตรการสร าง KARAOKE เพื่อการศึกษา. การใช โปรแกรม Aegisub (ทําซับคาราโอเกะ). 1. เข าสู โปรแกรม. 2. เป ดไฟล วีดีโอ (นามสกุล .AVI) ที่ต องการทําซับ.

Aegisub - Inclusión Digital UNED

Manual de Empleo de Herramienta de Subtitulado. “Aegisub”. Descripción/Objeto Manual describe el funcionamiento de la herramienta de subtitulado Aegisub.

The Use of Aegisub to Translate English–Indonesian Videos in the ...

7 Mei 2017 ... If students find a subtitling mistake in a file, students can fix it without having to re-encode the video and it saves a lot of time. (

Tutorial de Aegisub - Contenedor Digital - Gobierno de la Ciudad

Colección de aplicaciones gratuitas para contextos educativos. Aegisub. Índice ... karaoke. Nivel educativo: Primaria (Segundo ciclo). Secundaria. Áreas: todas.

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Microcontrollers, © 2003, Microchip Technology. Incorporated. [7] PIC Tutorial Hardware- PIC Vietnam [Online]. Available:

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1 2 3 4 5 6 8. 10 12. 15. Time (weeks). Fig. 3.2.1. Changes in mean density of ... 126 Biwase. 127 Shinkawa. 128 Horoto. 129 Ochislu. Chum. Chum. Chum.

KỶ YẾU - Semantic Scholar

lượng nghiên cứu khoa học, kỹ sư thiết kế, chế tạo tàu thuỷ phục vụ cho cả dân sự, an ninh quốc phòng lâu dài và bền vững. TÀI LIỆU THAM KHẢO. 1. Kỷ yếu ...

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optimization set-up and DDG-51 Flight I destroyer optimal fuel consumption systems. Chapter 6 discusses ... PVEGA CPCI16V DIESEL 1250. 1193. 212.9. 5.18.

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The PKM, is a improved and lighter version of the PK machine gun using stamped metal components ... infantry general purpose machinegun in the Soviet Army.

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... of land ownership in Wotan Village (Source: adapted from DKHP PBB Wotan ... Debertin D.L. 1986. ... Forest environmental income in Vietnam: household.