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Dear reader: of private and public writing. Mick Wilson. I am in my bedroom writing. 'Dear Reader' is a call from a text to something beyond the text. It pulls that ...

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Dear reader - GUPEA

Dear reader: of private and public writing. Mick Wilson. I am in my bedroom writing. 'Dear Reader' is a call from a text to something beyond the text. It pulls that ...

4.0 Example XXXXXX ENG 101‐XX Short Essay Dear Reader, My ...

Short Essay. Dear Reader,. My name is XXXXXX, and I am a college freshman here at Prairie State College. I am 1 9 years old and a recent graduate of [a local] ...

Lunar Tabs: An Intelligent Screen Reader Friendly Guitar Tab Reader

Guitar tablature (or “tabs” for short) is a popular notation where a music piece is represented as notes on a guitar fretboard. Recently, there has been an explosion ...

Reader matches return 21 How to break up when ... - Chicago Reader

19 Feb 2020 ... and my physical journal. It's cathartic to cross thoughts out. Boi, bye. At the end of the day, no one ... heretofore only budget geeks cared about.

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Hiroshi Nogata at Shizuoka University, Kotaro Oshio, Marifu Kosuge, Kenji. Matsuoka at Kyoto's Ryukoku University, Niklas Johansson and last but not least.

Bad Language in Reality - GUPEA

How frequently one swears and how strong swear words one uses are habits ... underlines that the term swearing often is used as a “general label for all kinds of ...

Sherlock Holmes - GUPEA

recently in two films directed by Guy Ritchie, Sherlock Holmes (2009) and ... Keywords: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Arthur Conan Doyle, adaptation, film, ...

the road to professionalism - GUPEA

case (eSports Betting Reports, 2017), or through their own rules of perceived ... of such platform is the CS:GO Reddit page, which holds nearly 500.000 ...

I was only feeling a little lonely. - GUPEA

The purpose of this thesis is to compare the different English translations of. Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood (1987) by Alfred Birnbaum and Jay Rubin, and ...


The quantitative results showed that the dubbing was considerably shorter than the subtitles in character count, and nearly identical to the English lyrics in syllable ...

Graduate School - GUPEA

The value and number of merger and acquisition deals in Vietnam have ... For example, WPP and Omnicom Group has established many JVs and undertaken.

The Self-Contradictory Narrative of Mr Stevens - GUPEA

Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day is a tale about the English butler Mr Stevens, who during the prime of his life served Lord Darlington, a man labelled as a ...

kanji learning and workbooks - GUPEA

textbooks within each category. 1. Kanji textbook with information about kanji and separate workbook for practicing (e.g.: Kanji. Look and Learn (Banno et al.

The use of Open Innovation in the Requirements ... - GUPEA

8 May 2015 ... An Empirical Investigation. Bachelor of Science Thesis in Software Engineering and Management. STEFANIA FERNANDEZ ...

optimal capital structure - GUPEA

Optimal capital structure, leverage ratios, equity ratios, the real estate industry, Miller & Modigliani, trade-off model, pecking order hypothesis. Page 6. Optimal ...


Text mining of Japanese lyrics of pop and enka. Andreas ... Japan, lyrics, love songs, text mining, singer-songwriters, enka, 80's ... itsuwa mayumi / koibito yo.

A modern shining princess - GUPEA

4 Aug 2011 ... Japanese folktale Taketori Monogatari and the Japanese comic (manga) Kaguya Hime that is based on the folktale. Focus lies in particular on ...

Cruel Translator's Thesis - GUPEA

The title of this study is based on the name of the opening theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion, "Cruel Angel's Thesis". There is no deep or profound meaning to ...

Läsa med öronen och lyssna med ögonen - GUPEA

10 Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie, New York: Hachette Books, 2015; Cecelia Ahern, Where Rainbows End, uppläsare: Roger Rees, Moira Quirk, Rosalyn Landor, ...

Mergers and Acquisitions between Foreign Companies ... - GUPEA

The value and number of merger and acquisition deals in Vietnam have ... For example, WPP and Omnicom Group has established many JVs and undertaken.

Communication between Vietnamese training nurses and ... - GUPEA

communication in Vietnamese nursing, which is beneficial to have knowledge about to nurses worldwide as ... systems through which the message is sent, such as visual, hearing, touching, smelling ... Ý của anh (chị) là gì khi nói đến điều đó?

The Changing Structure of Swedish Foreign Aid - GUPEA

... to the Conflict-Affected and Fragile Economies Facility (CAFEF/MIGA), Securing ... Stokke, O. (1978), Sveriges utvecklingsbistånd och biståndspolitik, Nordiska ...

Management and women's experiences of pregnancies ... - GUPEA

Institute of Health and Care Sciences. Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg ... Group 3 had highest rates of postterm pregnancies and the least.

Representing Intangible Cultural Heritage - GUPEA

3 Sep 2010 ... Festival of American Folklife. ICH intangible cultural heritage. ICOM ... August 24, 2010 at

Classic Literature in the Modern Classroom - GUPEA

Classic Literature in the Modern Classroom. -A literary analysis of Of Mice and Men from a historical and a pedagogical perspective. A little stocky man stood in ...


Facebook is the largest social networking site in existence, providing its users with a series of tools that facilitate the spread of eWOM to their Facebook friends.

Understanding how awareness of a fashion company's ... - GUPEA

namely: Acne Studios. Questionnaire responses from 172 consumers were analyzed, confirming the influence of both awareness of a fashion company's muted ...

occultism and traditionalism - GUPEA - Göteborgs universitet

20 Nov 2019 ... classic Là -Bas by Joril-Karl Huysmans, tasting the exaggerated delight of ... have a megalomaniac, hypochondriac and sentimental, whose vision ... Saint-Yves d-Alveydre, French occultist, and Ferndynand Ossendowski, G.I..

IPsec, the Future of Network Security? - GUPEA

This master thesis deals with Internet security in general and IPsec in particular. Traffic and ... La Fête de L'Internet takes place in France for the first time. 1998. It is now ... The protocol has two system parameters p and g. They are both public ...

Progressive constructions in Swedish - GUPEA - Göteborgs universitet

4 Oct 2015 ... V. (Ir)realis in finite and infinitive verbal complement structures in Swedish ... go) ing-verb som bildar en verbfras (punkterna vid Ving anger att bestäm- ... resent the aspect of SSL coordinations, in a rather unorthodox way, as con ... A scale is 'a set of points totally ordered along some dimension' (Hay et al.

Free Ensemble Improvisation - GUPEA - Göteborgs universitet

Language: English ... Within free improvisation one finds the term 'ad hoc', which refers to temporary ... Then the improvisation “is pliant, effortless and unbound”.

Song images and linguistic components in Japanese - GUPEA

4.4 7時12分の初恋 (7ji 12pun no hatsu koi). 16 ... In comparison to the HARD type of songs 7ji 12pun no Hatsu Koi, has very ... Boku wa te ni wa todokanai kurai.

limonene hydroperoxides in allergic contact dermatitis - GUPEA

Figure 6. Structures of isoprene and three monoterpenes commonly used as fragrance ... . Very strong positive. Intense erythema, infiltration, coalescing vesicles, ... Temp. Time. All s.m. consumeda. Elim. a. Other prod.a. LiBr. 1.5. 2 eq HBr.

Legal Capital, Creditor Protection & Efficiency? - GUPEA

This thesis examines the rules of European company law which regulate the interest conflict between shareholders and creditors, i.e. the legal capital rules ...

A Literary Analysis of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight from a ... - GUPEA

Keywords: gender; Twilight; femininity; youth literature;. Abstract: This essay examines the female characters in the novel Twilight by Stephenie. Meyer which is ...

Parents, Power, Poverty - GUPEA - Göteborgs universitet

empirical arena from which the postings included in this study have been collected. At the end of ... Exchange involves a level of evaluation or even battle, and there is a corre- spondence ... ffx a casserole in 15 minutes that's still HEALTHY.