Modern Construction Economics - Taylor & Francis Online

Modern Construction Economics: Theory and. Application. Edited by Gerard de Valence, Spon Press, London,. 2010, 209 pp., ISBN 978 0 415 39706 3, £70.00.

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Modern Construction Economics - Taylor & Francis Online

Modern Construction Economics: Theory and. Application. Edited by Gerard de Valence, Spon Press, London,. 2010, 209 pp., ISBN 978 0 415 39706 3, £70.00.

Sonia Delaunay: Fashioning the Modern Woman - Taylor & Francis ...

reports on how the vibrant colours and abstraction of Simultaneous painting had inspired clothing suitable for the modern, twentieth-century woman. She relies on ...

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Fe-HCl: An Efficient Reagent for. Deprotection of Oximes as well as Selective. Oxidative Hydrolysis of Nitroalkenes and. Nitroalkanes to Ketones. Prasun K.

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FTIR analysis of the initial and reacted FeS samples has shown that during the aqueous oxidation of FeS by O2 a sulfur-rich layer is formed on the mineral ...

Hardly Anything Fit for Man to eat - Taylor & Francis Online

'Hardly anything fit for Man to eat'. Food and colonialism in Australia. Blake Singley. Consuming native Australian wildlife was an accepted colonial practice that.

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mobile version and the standard version of Taylor & Francis Online are that the mobile version does not hold informa- tion about the journal, for example,.

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Bruce Li, Bruce Le and Dragon Lee. This article suggests that any understanding of the discourse of Bruce Lee as a star is incomplete without consideration of ...

sTDA-xTB - Taylor & Francis Online

30 Jul 2018 ... calculation (sTDA-xTB). Jakob Seibert, Jana Pisarek, Sarah Schmitz, Christoph Bannwarth and Stefan Grimme. Mulliken Center for Theoretical ...

Is That Dog a Pit Bull? - Taylor & Francis Online

a dog that may be a Labrador and Rottweiler cross (mix) as a Labrador cross (mix)?” ... in the affirmative for each breed listed (e.g., 26.7% of U.S. participants vs.

Neo‐Nomadism - Taylor & Francis Online

The article concludes that the neo-nomad is both a phenomenon and a concept that allows us to rethink models of subjectivity formation in globalization.

Clariidae - Taylor & Francis Online

Diet of catfish Clarias buthupogon Sauvage, 1879 (Clariidae) in two rivers in the Yoko Reserve, Tshopo Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

How I Met Your Masculinity - Taylor & Francis Online

How I Met Your Mother. (CBS) TV Series, 2005–. 2014. Shown: Ad art. Photo courtesy of CBS/Photofest. Page 2. 170.

habit - Taylor & Francis Online

13 Dec 2013 ... Definitions of 'habit' have varied in ways that are often implicit and not coherently linked with an underlying theory. A definition is proposed ...

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Taylor & Francis Reference Style V. Harvard B. Quick Guide. Authors are encouraged to consult the complete style guide for full details of this style, including.

Reporting on sustainability and HRM - Taylor & Francis Online

(2012) assert, 'one option for HRM is to review the performance ... 2001). The ideal type LME faces few social constraints to follow anything other than.

Wonder, Mystery, and Meaning - Taylor & Francis Online

suggestion (by Josef Pieper and Rachel Carson, among others) that the meaning wonder points us to lies in connecting us with the mystery of existence.

Why Japan needs English - Taylor & Francis Online

3 Nov 2017 ... Morita, Cogent Social Sciences (2017), 3: 1399783 ... In general, Japanese engineers, scientists and elite businessmen have high levels of techno-pro- ... tion caused by having to speak English is worthy of a separate study of ...

Trachoma in Viet Nam - Taylor & Francis Online

11 May 2018 ... Ngondi, Vu Tuan Anh,. Tran Minh Dat, Cung Hong Son, Tran Van An, Nguyen. Chi Dung, Nguyen Duy Thang, Brian K. Chu, Rebecca. Willis, Ana ...

Pablo Escobar - Taylor & Francis Online

Keywords: Pablo Escobar, Drug trade, Cocaine industry, Zoo, Colombia. 1. Introduction to ... girlfriend, answered by describing an illegal and complicated route.

Defining lifestyle - Taylor & Francis Online

If it is, is it possible to use one definition or do we need several definitions? The argumentation presented in this paper highlights the need to define the concept of ...

War Games redux? - Taylor & Francis Online

21 Oct 2015 ... stability, and new challenges for nuclear security and arms ... In the 1983 Hollywood blockbuster War Games, a teenage hacker sitting in ... plan, and almost started the Third World War between the USA and the Soviet Union.

Matthew Guthrie - Taylor & Francis Online

lol The value of the ducat, a gold or silver European coin, was about nine shillings. Page 27. Matthew Guthrie : An Eighteenth-Century Gemmologist. 271.

Interpretative Phenomenological An - Taylor & Francis Online

15 Dec 2015 ... Phenomenological Analysis. Areum Han and Jeff Radel. Occupational Therapy Education, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, ...

Security Identities and 'No More, No Less ... - Taylor & Francis Online

Nevertheless, even if this 'humanitarian intervention- ist identity' (as we will call it) is now relatively routinized within the Alliance, it does not correspond to what is ...

World Order - Taylor & Francis Online

Henry Kissinger, World Order: Reflections on the Character of Nations and the Course of History. (London: Allen Lane, 2014), 420 pp. Westphalia for the ...

gay dating apps - Taylor & Francis Online

18 Oct 2019 ... Use of 'gay dating apps' and its relationship with individual well- being and sense ... chat and dating sites now have both desktop and app versions. ... The Internet provides an exciting avenue for users and researchers alike.

Gender Codes - Taylor & Francis Online

Gender Codes: Why Women Are Leaving Computing, edited by Thomas J. Misa. Hoboken, NJ: IEEE. Computer Society, 2010. 306 pp. $31.95 paper. ISBN-10 ...

the spectator in the history of the novel - Taylor & Francis Online

Spectator in its book form as an object of social distinction, this paper considers the new format as enabling and intensifying a mode of reading that Addison ...

How do we perceive heroes? - Taylor & Francis Online

involve them in no apparent personal gain and even in a clear personal loss; do we judge the hero differently if their heroic act ends in failure, or if they risk their ...

'More fronted adverbials than ever before ... - Taylor & Francis Online

6 Jun 2018 ... 'More fronted adverbials than ever before'. Writing feedback practices and grammatical metalanguage in an English primary school.

Why Do Women Want Children? - Taylor & Francis Online

old age; and children are “lovely” and “cute.” Governments concerned about low birth rates can use research on what having a child means for women to ...

E-Books vs. Print: Which is the Better Value? - Taylor & Francis Online

Jonathan Bunkell, Vice President of Online Book Sales for Elsevier,. Ltd., presented an examination of e-books versus print books in order to assess which is the ...

Snowball sampling - Taylor & Francis Online

Snowball sampling is generally seen as a highly effective sampling technique that allows for the study of difficult to reach or 'hidden' populations. It is also.

Becoming a mature student - Taylor & Francis Online

relationships posed by becoming a mature student are higher for them than for male students. Whilst men's accounts also describe tensions in family.

Dressed in Adjectives - Taylor & Francis Online

lead me to examine how dress adjectives such as such as elegant, smart and ... tude of adjectives that can be used to describe different forms taken by our ...

The Multidimensionality of Trust - Taylor & Francis Online

Address correspondence to Marc J. Stern, Department of Forest Resources and ... Mean- while, others define social trust as a more general willingness to rely ...