An analytical review - IEEE Xplore

[email protected] ... feedbacks of students about faculty performance have become ... Keywords—student feedback; faculty performance; faculty.

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An analytical review - IEEE Xplore

[email protected] ... feedbacks of students about faculty performance have become ... Keywords—student feedback; faculty performance; faculty.

An exhaustive review for infix to postfix conversion ... - IEEE Xplore

RPN, Shunting Yard algorithm and a new approach to Post fix conversion named as PKR algorithm. Keywords–Infix Notation, Postfix Notation, Data Structure,.

IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans - IEEE Xplore

22 Dec 1998 ... In these cases, the SPMP may be a separate component of a larger plan or it may be merged into a system-level or business-level project ...

Power of symbols: IEEE trademarks and service marks - IEEE Xplore

remembered emblems or logos are widely used by ... display the IEEE logo so that they can be easily ... J.D. Ryder and D.G. Fink, Engineers &. Electrons: A ...

W-Band SPST Transistor Switches - IEEE Microwave ... - IEEE Xplore

Hideki Takasu, Member, IEEE, Fumio Sasaki, Hisao Kawasaki,. Hirokuni Tokuda, and Susumu Kamihashi. Abstract-A single-pole, single-throw (SPST) transistor ...

Origins of the IEEE Edison Medal [Scanning our Past] - IEEE Xplore

11 Feb 2018 ... CENTURY. By the end of the 19th century, Thomas Alva Edison had ... Technology History Wiki website,.

Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication Principles ... - IEEE Xplore

Protocols on Blockchain. Nutthakorn Chalaemwongwan. Information Science and Technology. Mahanakorn University of Technology. Bangkok, Thailand.

2019 Index IEEE Transactions on Vehicular ... - IEEE Xplore

Radio Resources in Vehicular Communications: An Oblivious Game-Theo- ... Choi, I., and Lee, C., A Codeword Search Scheme for Massive MIMO Systems;. TVT July ... ElHalawany, B.M., Ruby, R., and Wu, K., D2D Communication for Enabling ... Pokémon: Virtual Reward Optimization With Tensor Voting Based Trajec-.

IEEE Region 8 in a Persian Market - IEEE Xplore

5 Jun 2013 ... Persian Market. U.S. CIA/ISTOCK ... Officers find Iranian engineering students ready for 21st ... for Iranian students to enjoy the benefits of IEEE” ...

IEEE INFOCOM 2018 workshops - IEEE Xplore

IEEE INFOCOM 2018 Workshops: IEEE INFOCOM 2018 - IEEE Conference on Computer ... S. Guo, Qi Zhong, Liang Kou, Wenshan Wang, Qingan Da and Yun Lin ... USA); Bong Jun Ko (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA); Kin K. Leung ...

I-WAP - IEEE Xplore

becomes so imperative since it is difficult for WAP users to read most contents designed for PC users via their mobile phone screens. However, for those sites ...

IMC - IEEE Xplore

Characterization of Intermetallic Compound (IMC) growth in Cu wire ball bonding on Al pad metallization. SeokHo Na, TaeKyeong Hwang, JungSoo Park, ...


In, this paper, we describe our new proposed methodology called. FSDFD (Formal Secure Data Flow Diagram). The idea of this proposal has been born from an ...

TPC Committee - IEEE Xplore

Track 7: Ad-Hoc, M2M and Sensor Networks. Justin Coon ... Ernst Bonek, Technische Universität Wien ... Ngoc-Dung Dao, Huawei Technologies Canada Co.

PIAS - IEEE Xplore

PIAS: Practical Information-Agnostic Flow. Scheduling for Commodity Data Centers. Wei Bai, Li Chen, Kai Chen, Dongsu Han, Chen Tian, and Hao Wang.

MITM - IEEE Xplore

Ettercap tool is a sniffing tool available in the. Kali Linux operating system. It is used to perform sniffing, using. Man-in-the-middle attack and other attacks like ...

New Members - IEEE Xplore

Service Center, Waltons Ltd. Mail: 101 Clyde St.. Box Hill 3129. Vie. ... Ilinze. Virginia T., Industrial Coop. Coordinator. ... Saigon (S.V.N.) (M). Polonsky, M.

Tell Me What You See and I Will Show You Where It Is - IEEE Xplore

In this paper, we show that this problem can be formalized as an instance of learning in a latent structured prediction framework, where the graphical model ...

Old Age, Divine Age, Why Not? - IEEE Xplore

1 Aug 2019 ... Li Ching-Yuen (Figure 4), who passed away on. 6 May 1933, was a Chinese herbalist, known for his supposed extreme longevity. He claimed ...

Author list - IEEE Xplore

Ban, Ha Bang. Bergeron, François. Bonsall, Stephen ... Hoang, Le Uyen Thuc. Hoang, Minh-Chau. Hoang, Trang ... Le, Manh Ha. Le, Thien-Phuong. Le, Tien V.

scanning the literature - IEEE Xplore

They also propose Chu-ko-nu mining to ensure that the effective mining power in each zone is at the same level of the entire network, and makes an attack on ...

Game Accessibility - IEEE Xplore

2 Jun 2013 ... PopCap Games, 20.5 percent of the 13,296 respondents reported a physical, mental, or developmen- tal disability, compared to 15.1 percent of ...

Mobile TV Technologies - IEEE Xplore

TV Technologies stadards such as DMB, DVB-H, MediaFLO and. ISDB-T but also introduces Mobile TV history, business model, some technology challeges and ...

Sulfurization of Co-Evaporated Cu(In,Ga)Se2 as a ... - IEEE Xplore

Jes K. Larsen, Jan Keller, Olle Lundberg, Tobias Jarmar, Lars Riekehr, Jonathan. J. S. Scragg, ... Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGSe) solar cells, the bandgap gradient is ob-.

Coming Home - IEEE Xplore

19 Dec 2018 ... MPA can be operated within the candidate list, thus sim- plifying decoding [10] ... Viettel R&D Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam. His research interests ... and was filtered, formatted, and converted into a SUMO network file. Using the ...

Emil Ruder - IEEE Xplore

Emil Ruder: A Future for Design. Principles in Screen Typography. Hilary Kenna. Introduction. This paper sets out to explore the way in which the renowned.

Rogue to Minecraft - IEEE Xplore

31 May 1998 ... 5, May 2017 | Proceedings of the IEEE 971 pseudorandom ... While Hack is a descendant of Rogue ... sandbox simulator like Sim City in that it.

Replacement of the TCA 785 for a configurable IC to ... - IEEE Xplore

Keywords – TCA 785, PSoC (Programmable System-on-Chip), pulse generation, current control. I. INTRODUCTION. Over the years the controlled rectifiers have ...

Superman vs Giant - IEEE Xplore

See for more information. Superman vs Giant: A Study on Spatial Perception for.

How Badly Do You Want Privacy? - IEEE Xplore

We mentioned Hushmail and Hide My Ass near the beginning of this article. They're not secure against the government compelling them to turn over their keys ...

A New ZVT-ZCT-PWM DC–DC Converter - IEEE Xplore

current transition (ZCT), zero-voltage transition (ZVT). I. INTRODUCTION. DC–DC converters with pulsewidth modulation (PWM) are widely used in the industry ...

Experimental Investigation of PC-to-PC Link over a ... - IEEE Xplore

Korea-Vietnam Friendship Information Technology College. Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. Danang, Vietnam [email protected] Hoa Le- ...

23.2 A 5Gb/s/pin 8Gb LPDDR4X SDRAM with power ... - IEEE Xplore

8 Feb 2017 ... Youn-Sik Park, Hyuck-Joon Kwon, Seung-Jun Bae, Tae-Young Oh,. In-Dal Song, Yong-Cheol Bae, Jung-Hwan Choi, Kwang-Il Park,.

A Framework for Monkey GUI Testing - IEEE Xplore

“monkey testing”) have been suggested for automated random exploration of the system under test via the GUI. This paper pre- sents a versatile framework for ...

Experimental Characterization of the Slinky ... - IEEE Xplore

Experimental Characterization of the Slinky-Laminated Core and Iron Loss Analysis of Electrical Machine. Myung-Seop Lim, Ji-Hyun Kim, and Jung-Pyo Hong.

A comparison study for job recommendation - IEEE Xplore

... Dist, HCM City, Vietnam. †Phu Yen University, Phu Yen City, VietNam ... crawled from, and A subset includes 7623 ...