The Tragedy of Limitless Growth - Duke University Press

42 / Environmental Humanities 7 (2015) of protecting finite or scarce natural resources. Appearing as Keynesian welfare-state capitalism was nearing the end of ...

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The Tragedy of Limitless Growth - Duke University Press

42 / Environmental Humanities 7 (2015) of protecting finite or scarce natural resources. Appearing as Keynesian welfare-state capitalism was nearing the end of ...

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vi o lence may be iden ti fied, but so that rec og ni tion as a val u a tion may be eval u ... of each for ma tion of vi o lence si mul ta neously her alds a “new de cay” ...

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Faulkner (London: Routledge, 2016), led us to our argument on the film in ... our analy sis, from pathbreaking studies of lesbian and gay repre sen ta tion to.

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I am grateful to Kyeong- Hee Choi for her passion for rigorous scholarship in Korean studies. ... ch'i, “to govern,” and yu, “to cure. ... The sea witch tells her, “You.

Venus in Two Acts - Duke University Press

ABSTRACT: This essay examines the ubiquitous presence of Venus in the archive of Atlantic slavery and wrestles with the impossibility of discovering anything ...

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14 Feb 2013 ... Gaming the Humanities. Digital Humanities, New Media, and. Practice-Based Research. What does it mean to include new media—let alone ...

The University and the Undercommons - Duke University Press

It may have to be true of the university in gen- eral. But certainly, this much is true in the United States: it cannot be denied that the university is a place of refuge, ...

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Library of Congress Cataloging- in- Publication Data. Names: Pickens, Theri A., author. Title: Black madness : : mad Blackness / Theri Alyce Pickens.

5. the vowels of washington state - Duke University Press

phemic word of monosyllabic (hang, bang, nag) or polysyllabic shape (mag- net, dragon) may be raised, as can be any polymorphemic form (nagging, table 5.2.

The Fiction of Marcel Proust's Autobiography - Duke University Press

Abstract This essay discusses the literary genre of Proust's In Search of Lost Time as analogous with the genre peculiar to Dante's Commedia and Augustine's ...

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan - [email protected] - Duke University

(2017). Indeed, the apparent surge of bride kidnapping in the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan after the collapse of Soviet Union makes it a noteworthy case ...

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Cite this article: Jennifer Jankauskas, review of Southern Accent: Seeking the American South in. Contemporary Art, edited by Miranda Lash and Trever ...

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Bartlett then addresses the epistemological implications of feminist legal methods by ... fessor Bartlett offers a fourth approach, positionality, which she believes.

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∫Vv · A d3x = ∮S/Vn · A d2x. (6.6) there is a “gradient theorem”: ∫V ... dV = dτ = dℓu dℓv dℓw = (fgh)du dv dw where we have to use the components of d ...

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IGNIA (Mexico), 180, 199. Impacct Network, 278. Impact Community Capital, 210. “Impact DNA”: description of,. 113–114; sequencing impact investors ...

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9 Jul 2014 ... The year preceding a Communist Party congress in Vietnam always has an ... For more details, see Edmund J. Malesky, Regina M. Abrami, and Yu Zheng, ... Assembly to Pass a Decision to Expand Hanoi], Gia, 2008 ...

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a:.o;'7j-.;toi xonexrf hn£ enoXdevaXG x.evrc-X de dfiBdtoqaut exom aX. XvlB -jI crlvr .riuXBd 3xgv/ ' j-r.? asxq srfd soXomE^ vnEjTi exsdw. □.ui.-i raXioxBO Id ...

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of anonymous donors and of the Mary Duke. Biddle Foundation. ... Genevieve Marie Lipp ... Cameron Richard James Hosie. Fang Hou. Tabitha Blair Humphries.

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18 Feb 2020 ... Factory: Tinkwood Hat Manufacture Co. Ltd. Disclosed: 01/17/2000 ... ACC (Atlantic Coast Cotton) ... Cong ty TNHH MTV Xuan Minh Phuo.

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in fall 2006, catering in large part to young users looking to download MP3 files.31 Concurrently, Google dropped its market share from ... Cashfiesta. Cat abuse.

Oct 23 I Wanna Know What Love Is - Duke University

23 Oct 2005 ... I want you to show me. I wanna feel what love is. I know you can show me.' (And then there's a few wherrrs and ahhhs.).

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8 Tháng Ba 2018 ... diabetes prevalence among 20-79 year-old adults in 2010 was 2.9%, accounting ... that human behavioral change is affected by multi-level factors from the ... us to recruit the FGDs and IDIs by giving us a name list of all the VHWs and the ... two coordinators collected all the transcribed Word documents and ...

China's New Sources of Economic Growth - ANU Press

2003 China: New Engine of World Growth ... 2010 China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development ... Ross Garnaut, Cai Fang, Ligang Song and Lauren Johnston ... Part II: Resources, Energy, the Environment and Climate Change ... Office to screen financial statements of Sinopec International Petroleum and.

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Figure 15: The dead end of the road at the drinking water well on the way to the Dao ... vòng chiến đấu]” 62,500 Chinese soldiers at the end of the war7, a PAVN ... impressed by the living room decorated with certificates of merits [Bằng Khen] from ... The border region became a ghost town after the war brought its breezes of.

from fratricide to forgiveness - DukeSpace - Duke University

Even when one turns to the literature on Cain and Abel, one is surprised by how ... 1 (1999): 3-16; and Angela Y. Kim, “Cain and Abel in the Light of Envy: A Study ... ovrqw/j de. mh. die,lh|j h[martej h`su,cason, which can be translated, “If you ...

Habit Persistence and Teen Sex: Could Increased ... - Duke University

22 Jan 2011 ... We develop a dynamic discrete choice model of teen sex and pregnancy that incorpo- rates habit persistence. Habit persistence has two ...

DHCP, NAT, and IPv6 - Computer Science - Duke University

Gateway IP address, client hardware address, server host ... NAT device has address translation table. •H1 ... NAT device manages a pool of public IP addresses ...

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^TAi'aA^. %VTOT0Ht=5 avjA vci it .£*.* ^ ,.rji»»X Y 'iJ'iSiPM .die. -j ih ihflj oi'i55'«:*rc>5uj»q. > I. :H£.:>;''TV'^'>3oiq tv-ij fyxtfi. 0'M4/rtr. ST:! j)f(i *-d . «;b'5ow.> ...

hybrid language forms in the united states - Duke University

American-English hybrid language referred to as polsko-amerykański in Polish-language ... variations, but at its most vivid and exuberant, it is an effortless dance between English ... wyrentować [vɨrɛntɔvatɕ] 'to rent' (completed action).

statgraphics plus/windows: overview & tutorial guide - Duke University

Example of a “StatAdvisor” report for multiple regression analysis: Data files: Statgraphics stores data in its own proprietary format, but it can also read data files.

Survey on Deep Learning - Computer Science - Duke University

Additional Key Words and Phrases: Deep learning, neural networks, machine ... Moreover, adapting the learning rate with respect to the gradient of the previous ... NLP is a series of algorithms and techniques that mainly focus on teaching ...

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quench-ratio measurement (Trainor et al., 1974), using a Faraday cup located at the center of the 90-90 magnet. The polarization varied between 60% and 80%.

The French Model of Meals as Norm and Practice - Duke University ...

Haine's study of the Parisian café in the nineteenth century,9 eating out turns ... 1.00. 1.34. C rèm erie 1. 698. 669. 204. 204. 261 no. 1.00. 1.49. C rèm erie 3. 557.

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YouTube…” • A new window will ... to a file on your computer or login to YouTube ... which can be converted to .mov or .mp4 using other programs if you wish.

Chinese Glass Paintings in Bangkok Monasteries - Duke University ...

doms (Sanguo yanyi 三國演義; Thai: Samkok สามก๊ก). Many of these are hybrid visual forms, Chinese imagery adapted by Chinese-Thai artists for Thai religious.

PRESS RELEASE How digital is driving media growth in Africa - Ipsos

13 Sep 2018 ... Ipsos Affluent Survey Africa 2018: GTV, Metro TV, TV3, TV Africa, AIT (Africa. Independent Television), Channels TV, Galaxy TV, Silverbird TV, ...